Definitions for Safety Valves

3000H and 3000H-PRPD Series safety valves are small angle type valves with clamped or flanged inlet and flanged outlet connections, direct acting spring loaded (3000H) and non-reclosing designed to function by buckling a pin (3000H-PRPD). They are designed for the protection of equipment/tubes containing liquids at high pressure.

Main features3000H 3000H-PRPD
Service Liquids Liquids
Overpressure 10 %0 %
Blowdown 10 %non-reclosing device
Discharge coefficient 0.520.52
Set pressure range100-1000 bar100-1000 bar
Temperature range-100 to +100 °C-100 to +100 °C
Set pressure accuracy± 3 %± 2.5 %
Max recommended continuous
working pressure
90 %97 %