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    References for BFE, TAI MILANO and GOODWIN for Norwegian Oil & Gas developments. Each column can be sorted, and there is a filter to SEARCH (i.e. «BFE», «AKERBP», «Aibel», «Castberg», «Gate», «PSV», «Buckling Pin», etc.

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    We share offices with BareBraFolk, in a barn at HASLUM, 13 km west of Oslo. BareBraFolk («OnlyGoodPeople») is a working environment inside a barn at Haslum, west of Oslo.  The People here believe in the energy created by being together, rather than «every man (and ladies) for himself».  BareBraFolk cover advertising/communication, web, movie, text, promotional…

  • HP liquid service: Spring Loaded and Buckling Pin Safety Valves

    Definitions for Safety Valves 3000H and 3000H-PRPD Series safety valves are small angle type valves with clamped or flanged inlet and flanged outlet connections, direct acting spring loaded (3000H) and non-reclosing designed to function by buckling a pin (3000H-PRPD). They are designed for the protection of equipment/tubes containing liquids at high pressure. Main features 3000H…

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    0216 series3000 Spring Loaded Safety Valves 0316 series9000 Pilot Operated Safety Valves 0117 Safety Valves For Steam Service 0818 High Pressure Liquid Service / Buckling Pin  0616 Changeover Valves – 1000-series   516 Low Pressure Pilot Operated Safety Valves – 9010-series  0716 Sizing and Installation of Safety Valves 

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    Facts Products Getting there Hotels Restaurants Sights FACTS Offices, Milano:Via Petrella, 21 – 20124 Milano, Italy Factory:Via delle Industrie snc – 26862 Guardamiglio (LO), Italy Founded 1959 Employees:In Production: 8055 Capital – € 1.000.000 Turnover – € 18-22.000.000 Capacity 600/700 valves/month. Approvals & Certificates Certificates and Approvals | taimilano Machines 4 CNC Lathe / Centers.…

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    Equinor specifications: Norsok specifications: Stabæk FotballStabæk BandyStabæk IF

  • MOREVALVES, and why

    We always wanted to sell more valves.  After 30 years with FLOCHEM, the company was sold to Solberg & Andersen (SAAS) in June 2013.  2 years later Herlog Berge decided to leave SAAS, and in June 2016 MORE VALVES AS was founded.  MOREVALVES shall be a manufacturers agent – representing only 3 leading valve makers who wants an agent…

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    Safety valve: A valve which, with the sole assistance of the energy generated by the process fluid, opens automatically when a predetermined pressure is reached. It discharges a quantity of the fluid in order to prevent the safe pressure level from being exceeded and recloses after normal operating conditions have been restored. Direct loaded safety…