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    References for BFE, TAI MILANO and GOODWIN for Norwegian Oil & Gas developments. Each column can be sorted, and there is a filter to SEARCH (i.e. «BFE», «AKERBP», «Aibel», «Castberg», «Gate», «PSV», «Buckling Pin», etc.

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    We share offices with BareBraFolk, in a barn at HASLUM, 13 km west of Oslo. BareBraFolk («OnlyGoodPeople») is a working environment inside a barn at Haslum, west of Oslo.  The People here believe in the energy created by being together, rather than «every man (and ladies) for himself».  BareBraFolk cover advertising/communication, web, movie, text, promotional…

  • BFE stand, Hall 6, Stand 6630/1

    BFE stand, Hall 6, Stand 6630/1

  • MOREVALVES at the harbor

    MOREVALVES at the harbor

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    Equinor specifications: Norsok specifications: Stabæk FotballStabæk BandyStabæk IF

  • MOREVALVES, and why

    We always wanted to sell more valves.  After 30 years with FLOCHEM, the company was sold to Solberg & Andersen (SAAS) in June 2013.  2 years later Herlog Berge decided to leave SAAS, and in June 2016 MORE VALVES AS was founded.  MOREVALVES shall be a manufacturers agent – representing only 3 leading valve makers who wants an agent…

  • PSV definitions

    Safety valve: A valve which, with the sole assistance of the energy generated by the process fluid, opens automatically when a predetermined pressure is reached. It discharges a quantity of the fluid in order to prevent the safe pressure level from being exceeded and recloses after normal operating conditions have been restored. Direct loaded safety…

  • Pilot Operated Safety Valves

    Definitions for Safety Valves The operating characteristics of the traditional spring loaded safety valve as reflected in the certified values of minimum overpressure, blowdown and maximum allowable backpressure, are limiting more and more frequently both the design and operation of pressure vessels.The pilot operated safety valve offers a definitely superior performance, which – coupled with…