Pressure seal design is an alternative design to the traditional bolted-bonnet approach to sealing the body/bonnet joint.
Pressure seal valves are the best option for the high-pressure steam industry and for all applications where designers continue to push boiler, HRSG, and piping system pressure/temperature envelopes.
It is the perfect technological match for the welding expertise that now make excellent, highintegrity butt-weld ends commonplace.
The beauty of the pressure seal design is that as system pressure builds, so does the load on the bonnet and, consequently, the pressure seal gasket. Therefore, in pressure seal valves, as the system pressure increases, potential leakage through the body/bonnet joint decreases: the higher the internal pressure, the tighter the seal.
The pressure seal bonnet joint also eliminates the body/bonnet flanges reducing weight and simplifying the application of exterior insulation.
However, due to its reliance on system pressure to aid in sealing, pressure seal valves are best applied in high pressure systems, the design is typically available in pressure classes from ASME 600.

 Pressure600#- 4500#
 MaterialsCS- SS- Duplex- SuperDuplex