Stikkord: Catalogue

  • Catalogues GOODWIN

    GI Dual Plate Brochure GI Axial Check Valve Brochure GI Cryogenic Testing Brochure

  • Catalogues TAI MILANO

    0216 series3000 Spring Loaded Safety Valves 0316 series9000 Pilot Operated Safety Valves 0117 Safety Valves For Steam Service 0818 High Pressure Liquid Service / Buckling Pin  0616 Changeover Valves – 1000-series   516 Low Pressure Pilot Operated Safety Valves – 9010-series  0716 Sizing and Installation of Safety Valves 

  • Catalogues BFE

    Forged Gate, Globe and Check valves Double Block & Bleed valves: Instrument DB&B for chemical injection & sampling, Instrument DB&B for pressure Connections, In-line DB&B for process isolation  Floating ball valves  Trunnion mounted ball valves  6A valves: Slab Gate, Expanding Gate, Mud Service Gate, Trunnion Mounted Ball, Swing Check, Piston Check “T” Pattern  Cast Steel…