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Valve requirements are typically split into the following categories:

Piping Valves Instrument Valves
Ball, Floating  Safety Valves
Ball, Trunnion Mounted  Bursting Discs
DB&Bleed  Control Valves
GG&Check, Forged  Actuated Valves
GG&Check, Cast  Actuators
TC Gate, Slab  Special Items
TC Gate, Expanding
Butterfly, Tripple Eccentric
Butterfly, Lined
Dual Plate Check
Nozzle / Axial Flow Check
Special Items

More Solutions


– a VALVE PACKAGE supplier


Valve packages are typically offered by valve distributors.  BFE is a valid alternative.  BFE manufacture the majority of valves typically required for a Mechanical / Equipment package (Ball, Gate-, Globe- & Check valves forged/cast, Double Block & Bleed, TC Gate (Slab/Expanding) – manual and actuated – typically 70-85% of package value).  Consequently there is no extra markup on the majority of the valve scope.  The balance covering B’fly, Wafer- & Axial Flow Check, and Special Items, will be offered from manufacturers nominated to the Project, manufacturers with a proven track-record in the North Sea.  Typical Instrument valves may also be sourced (PSV/Control valves, Special Items)

Send the inquiry to Mr. Simone Magni in BFE to find out if this alternative is worthwhile.

This should be an interesting alternative for Mechanical Package / Equipment package vendors.  These vendors are not buying large quantities of «bulk» items like the EP-contracts procuring valves for New Project Developments using Frame Agremeements / Project Frame Agreements where the total valve scope is split into the typical valve packages as shown – due to the resources and hours required for selection / approval processes valid for the total Project.


  • 5-15 procurement packages
  • ⇑ Cost to raise and process several Purchase Orders
  • ⇑ Expediting cost to several locations (flights, accomodation, hours)
  • ⇑ Documentation cost to handle several Purchase Orders (hours)
  • 10-30+ contact persons at Suppliers locations
  • 1 to 3 procurement packages
  • ⇓ Reduced cost to raise fewer Purchase Orders
  • ⇓ Reduced cost to expedite fewer POs and locations
  • ⇓ Reduced cost to process fewer documentation packages
  • 1-3 for one PO.  More hours available for Productivity.
  • Build Strategic Sourcing relations with Key Supplier(s)
  • Manufacturers prices applies for 70-80% of the total valve package, i.e no distribution cost added by local supplier.