Because you need more valves ?  More reasons to look at MOREVALVES

Long-term alliances

Our goal is to maintain and secure long-term alliances / Frame Agreements / Contracts between our customers and our suppliers. We operate in three markets offshore, with the aim to

  • supply MORE VALVES to new project Developments
  • supply MORE VALVES to maintenance and modification Projects
  • supply MORE VALVES to operations

Identification of key processes critical to the success of our business

We are monitoring processes to identify areas vital to the success of our Customers and Suppliers:

  • Achievment of product quality, service, delivery and price
  • Win-Win situations to create benefit to customers and suppliers
  • Minimise commercial and technical risk
  • Improve commercial and technical benefits
  • Improve relationships
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Improve work processes
  • Improve use of IT & communication
  • Assisting in creating an understanding of customer expectations and requirements with respect to culture, product quality and technology, standards and specifications, and performance
  • Response time to all communication related to inquiries, order processing
  • Completeness of quotations
  • Quality in the product
  • Product innovation
  • Engineering support
  • Productivity increase
  • Cost reductions
  • Optimisation of stock
  • Achievement of contractual delivery dates
  • Non-Conformances and Corrective Actions
  • Existing products to new customers
  • New products to existing customers
  • New products to new customers
  • After sales service
  • Training and utilisation of personnel
  • Human resources and capabilities
  • Sales volume and profit per supplier, customer, product

Continuous improvements in management of processes

  • Reduced delivery times
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Reduced cost to customer (reduced prices)
  • Reduced Life Cycle Cost through lower prices, improved quality & reliability, ease of documentation handling
  • Improved control of all processes through IT, CRM and documentation systems
  • Improved customer satisfaction